How to Succeed in Business School Without Really Applying

jayblount.jpgThe latest issue of campus tabloid Yale Rumpus is so drenched in bodily fluids it ought to come with its own moist towelette. (Nice work, guys.) Still, the most intriguing story is virtually fluid-free. It's a blurb about a B-school letter of recommendation George W. Bush allegedly wrote for Bush Twin squire, Jay Blount.

Before the magic letter, the story goes, Barbara Bush's boyfriend had neither the GPA nor the extracurriculars (cheerleading, TNG service) to get into business school. After the letter, he was suddenly scholarship material. True? We hope so, because we think think it's great that Dubya would reach out to a kid from the streetz and help realize his entrepreneurial dreams. Still, we have to wonder: If getting into a Bush daughter is the new key to getting into business school, what's that gonna do to Jenna's love life?


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[Bling bling photo credit: SUZY]


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