How To Waste All Your Money On Food

Did you hear the news? Bernanke says the economy is kinda sorta, maybe just a tiny little bit better. Wo-Hoo! You must now be rolling in dough, congratulations! What to do with all that disposable income, that is, before the gang 'o six taxes you to hell to pay for their fully illegal-immigrant-free health care reform? Why, spend it on a lavish meal at some of DC finest, and most expensive restaurants, of course!

  • Restaurant Nora: Because this place serves only organic, locally grown, hormone free food, it's super expensive, but at least you know that the food won't kill you. And, like it is with most expensive restaurants, you will leave hungry: expect small, but great, portions of food.
  • Blue Duck Tavern: If you like connecting with your food, then this is the perfect expensive restaurant for you. Next to each item on the menu they list where the food comes from and who the food providers are. Perhaps the hefty bill becomes more palatable when you know that your overly priced lettuce came from a small village in Vermont that only employs orphans.
  • Filomena: Some of the best and most delicious Italian food in all of city and certainly worth the price tag.
  • Cafe du Parc: The restaurant serves sublime, expensive, authentic French cuisine and it can be enjoyed on their great outdoor patio. It's perfect for an expensive meal, and the mussels are to die for.
  • The Source: This restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Wolfgang Puck, and, needless to say, the food is damn good and it ain't cheap. A meal will set up back at least 100 bucks, but it's certainly worth it. Best bets are General Tso's chicken wings, the Kobe Sliders, and the Pork Belly Dumplings.

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