How Will President Obama Type Without Teleprompters?

  • Notre Dame has a proud history of protesting presidential commencement speakers for whatever reason they can come up with. [Chicago Tribune]
  • The White House stole the Washington Post's idea of having live online chats, and now Barack Obama will engage in a brisk, informative bout of sexytime with cybernetic voters on Thursday. [USA Today]
  • Everybody and their mother filed a mortgage refinance application last week after rates fell to historic lows. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke want more power to step in and shut down or radically alter non-bank financial institutions, which will presumably just transfer all the AIG-style shenanigans to banks. [Bloomberg]
  • Supreme Court justices agree that a very opinionated documentary about Hillary Clinton released during the Democratic primaries last year was "not a musical comedy." [New York Times]
  • Japan's exports have fallen off miserably since the economy turned sour. [Guardian]

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