How Will We Ever Cross This River of Bullshit?

* Musharraf quits the army but insists he's still a douchebag. [NYT]

* The Israelis and Palestinians agree to agree to something sometime during the course of 2008, so kudos all round! [NYT]

* When you're trying to delete sensitive information illegally, it's best to figure it out yourself instead of calling tech support. [WSJ]

* Man, Michelle Obama is soo over that guy. [WP]

* Hey, guess whose presidency is in the toilet no matter what the fuck he does? [WP]

* It's a good thing Mike Huckabee's supporters like his lighter side and not his fatter side... you know, cause he lost all that weight. [Politico]

* This week, Democrats will talk about a new problem they can't solve. [The Hill]

* Looks like one good surge doesn't doesn't lead to another. [LAT]


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