Howard Dean Celebrates 60 Years Of Howard Dean


  • Even though the Secretary of State job is off the table, maybe John Kerry will still be able to disappoint America as Secretary of the Interior. [Marc Ambinder]
  • Joe Biden is not resigning from the Senate as part of a tricky seat-saving maneuver that will secure the position for his son Beau. [MSNBC]
  • Mike Huckabee wants you to send him the most untoward stand-outs from your collection of amateur home videos. [Political Ticker]
  • The new Draft Sarah Committee, or "2012DSC" in idiot, is up and running. There's a photo of your gal tending to some moose blood soup on the cookstove and seven steps for supporting the effort, one of which includes "bookmarking this website." [Jonathan Martin/2012DSC]
  • Daily Kos is doing its part to make sure every resident of every state wishes Howard Dean a happy birthday. And then as a birthday president, some of Dean's cheapest friends sent him an old graffitied trash can, because they hate him. [Daily Kos]

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