Howard Dean Is Mean & Other Reports From St. Louis

Howard Dean Is Mean & Other Reports From St. Louis

Wonkette Fly-Over Correspondent Stephen Martin is at the scene of tonight's Palin-Biden debate in St. Louis, trying to find out why Dr. Dean is such a dick: "Just ran into Howard Dean in the campus bookstore at Wash U. I got to know the man relatively well four years ago, had dinner with him, the typical Iowa thing with candidates. Well, I figured I'd go say hi to him. Totally blew me off. It's not like there was a gaggle or anything. He was getting his picture taken with a couple of campus cuties. I was the only "reporter" in the whole place. But his people saw my red 'media' tag, and completely ignored me. I was disappointed.

"Anyway, security is nuts here. The field house area is totally closed off, and students have been told they can't even have non-student friends on campus today. For heaven's sake, it's Palin -- you'd think if there was ever a political event you could bring a gun to ….

"That said, two folks from 'Rednecks for Obama,' the Rolla, Mo.-based beer-drinking and political activist group, were out on the main quad selling t-shirts when I got here around noon. They told me a cop on a bicycle had told them to leave, but they stayed anyway and nothing bad had happened to them yet."

Stay tuned for more reports, from this place! Have a question for Stephen Martin? Want him to check something out? Well, type it in the comments, and we'll see!


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