Howard Wolfson Even Douchier Than Previously Thought

Second only to Mark Penn in Hillary Clinton's Annals of Campaign Staff Odiousness, former Clinton communications director Howard Wolfson is known for precisely two things: wearing a hideous Cosby sweater stolen off a murdered bum "for good luck," and being a terrible asshole. Julia Reed, who tried to interview Hillary Clinton forVogue, called him "the most charmless human being on the planet." And that is only the beginning of the horrors she suffered trying to land an interview with the Inevitable Nominee.

"Let me just say, it's not the most fun thing in the world to have breakfast a million times with [communications director] Howard Wolfson," she said. "The man is the most charmless human being on the planet, and I'm sitting there sucking up to him."

Ouch! Oh and then there's this. Reed was supposed to interview Hillary at her house and Annie Liebovitz was going to take the pictures. But then the Clinton people cancelled, because they're awful!

After thinking everything was set, Reed months later was informed the deal was off. She said she was told, "We already have the women's vote in the bag," and that Wolfson said, "'We thought we were going to be in a bigger dogfight. We don't need you anymore.' This was right before Iowa. What an idiot!"

Howard Wolfson has been banished to the uranium mines in Clinton's back yard, and will emerge once he's grown a second hump for her to beat on.

Memo Pad: If Only Hillary Had Done Vogue [WWD]


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