Howto: Stalk Tim Russert

If you corner a wild Russert, he may attack unless placated with a headshot and sharpie. (Photo by Liz Gorman)

Yesterday, we received this cryptic email:


We thought long and hard about how to help this person, and all we could think of was hanging out at the Bathesda Blockbuster or the Irish Times and practicing your "Go Bills" fist. Then we figured some knowledgeable and connected reader might have a better idea. So we're asking you: though we have no idea what this is about (we're hoping paternity suit), what would be the best way for this unidentified emailer to "contact" Tim Russert?

Send your suggestions, with the subject line "Stalking Little Russ," to tips[at] We'll post the best suggestions and possibly give some kind of prize to someone if the emailer succeeds in his or her possibly Mark David Chapman-esque quest.


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