Huckabee Demands Debate Instead of Kindly Asking

Surreal presidential candidate Mike Huckabee demanded a debate with John McCain today, now that the media is onto the lies and sexual proclivities of WALNUTS! He said this "at a press conference that drew no reporters other than the six who travel with the candidate." Amazingly enough, these poor scribes were able to get the word out to McCain, who responded this afternoon that Huckabee maybe should've asked the campaign politely, instead of making a fuss to six reporters.

McCain claims ignorance, because he is an honorable torture politician:

"I did not know that he had sought to do that,"(1) McCain said in Cincinnati. "In fact, we've had 16 debates since this campaign began, and I've been engaged in every one of them.(2) So, I would certainly consider that proposal."(3)

(1) Lie #1: You knew that. You knew that! Mike Huckabee is only competing so he can be on the teevee for free more.

(2) Lie #2: Tavis Smiley remembers your attendance record differently.

(3) Lie #3: Every word in this sentence is a lie.

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