Huckabee Endorser Ric Flair Beats Women

figure four, they call itEarlier today we mentioned that professional wrestling icon Ric "The Nature Boy" Flair is endorsing presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee, and the closet ex-wrestling fans sure enjoyed it! It turns out we weren't telling the whole story, because we found footage of Ric Flair beating up a woman. Sure, it's in a staged match. But is this the example we want for America's youth, Ffffffuckabee? Put the kids to bed and watch this shocking footage, after the jump.

Skip to about 2:30 to watch this enraged madman pseudo-violently beat up a woman. Perhaps Huckabee will address this history of violence when he co-hosts a tailgate in South Carolina with Flair this weekend. Tee hee:

[youtube expand=1]

Torrie Ric flair vs Carlito Victoria (intergender) [YouTube]


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