Huckabee: Obama Sucks Now Because He's Not Jesse Helms

Mike Huckabee appeared onHannity & Colmes last night to weigh in on Barack Obama's complete move to the center in the last few weeks. Now, we made up our minds about this slimeball Obama after Charles Krauthammer observantly noted that Obama "assiduously obliterates all differences with McCain on national security and social issues" in his positioning these days. If one thing is true in this life, it's that Charles Krauthammer HAS THE MIND OF TWENTY EINSTEINS. And yet here comes Mike Huckabee, offering yet another take on Obama's all-encompassing triangulation. Huckabee says everything we've always thought but never quite realized: Barack Obama -- to his detriment -- is becoming less and less like Jesse Helms every single day.

Here's what Our Mike told the Fox News people:

Well, Americans have consistently rejected the George McGoverns and the Michael Dukakises, the people who clearly and unapologetically are out there on the left — the Walter Mondales who said, I’m going to raise your taxes.

So when liberals are honest about being liberals, they get beat. I think it’s a situation — you know, you had the little clip of Jesse Helms at the opening of the show, and I’m thinking, what a contrast. The thing that many of us loved and admired about Jesse Helms was that, here was a guy, he didn’t care what you thought about his view, but you were going to always know where he stood because he stood for something and he stood clearly.

I think we’re not seeing that in Barack Obama especially in relationship — to his position on the war.

Spot on. If Barack Obama had the courage to tap into his Inner Helms, you know what he'd do? He'd drop out of this race immediately, because he has no business taking a white man's job.

Huckabee Faults Obama For Not Having The Convictions Of Segregationist Jesse Helms [Think Progress]


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