Huckabee on Jamie Lynn Spears' Pregnancy

Sweaty man.Was there a time when candidates weren't asked to weigh in on every cultural touchstone of an issue on the campaign trail? Or did they just maybe used to know better? Last night, reporters asked Huckabee what he thought of the pregnancy of 16 year old Jamie Lynn Spears. Naturally, he thinks she made "right decision, a good decision" about not getting an abortion, but he doesn't want other teenage girls to be thinking that getting pregnant is a good idea. Look, I have a suggestion, Mike. You don't want kids to get obese and you don't want them to get pregnany (laudable goals, both). How about instead of getting rids of sodas and snack foods in school and abstinence education, you simply show women in childbirth, perhaps from the Discovery Channel show Babies Special Delivery, on a loop in the cafeteria? Two birds, one stone, man. [Political Punch]


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