Huckabeen There, Done That

* Huckabee got game. [NYT, WT]

* If there's one thing I don't want President Chim Chim fucking around with, it's our mortgage. [WP, WSJ]

* The Senate passes gas, may the world take notice. [NYT]

* This poll says X thing, this other poll says Y thing and we're so tired of all these people. [WP]

* In his crazy Christian speech, what do you think the odds are Romney says something totally fucking nuts? [Politico]

* When it comes to driving a wedge deep into the heart of the opposing party, the Republicans still got it. [The Hill]

* Has anyone seen a bunch of Iraqi diplomats around? Swear to God, they were right here just a second ago. Can't Imagine why they'd run off like that. [WT]


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