Huckabeez Dominating That Dingus Mitt Romney

his halcyon daysAccording to a Rasmussen Reports poll released before the debate yesterday, the surging Mike Huckabee has taken the lead in Iowa over Mitt Romney, 28% to 25%, with 9iu11iani in third with 11%. Although it's only one poll, and there's a margin of error, Mitt Romney's entire presidential campaign is fucked now.

For serious -- Romney's entire hope lay in the fact that he was dominating Iowa and New Hampshire. Huckabee astronomically outscored Romney last night, so his lead in Iowa will probs widen, and shit, even Walnuts! could gain some ground in New Hampshire, where he's currently in second place. So split up those states, consider the fact that Giuliani and Thompson have no momentum, and it appears no one will ever win the Republican nomination. [Rasmussen Reports]


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