Huckbeez: I Can Haz Second Places?

the very, very, very poor man's kevin spaceyMike Huckabee, a.k.a. the very poor man's Kevin Spacey, isn't just demystifying Mitt's pajamas in Iowa -- he's now taking on the entire world! Or at least... the entire Amerka!

In a new USA Today/Gallup poll, Huckabee placed second nationally behind Rudy "Sex on the City" Giuliani, 25% to 16%. Fred Thompson and WALNUTS! came in at a close third with 15% each, Romney earned 12%, and then those two Mexican-hating dudes got like a few votes or something. On the Demrat side, it's 39-24-15 for Clinton-Obama-Edwards; in the race for best second tier candidate, it's 4-4-4 for Richardson-Biden-Kucinich. All this is to say that you should never eff with the secret American overlord, Chuck Norris. [USA Today]


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