HUD Hates Freedom

HUD will solve your housing woes in a bad-ass fashion. - WonketteAmerica's proudest employees -- the people of the Department of Housing and Urban Development -- got a rude surprise yesterday when they tried to catch up on housing and urban development developments by reading Wonkette.

Angry multitudes have sent in the shocking evidence: Attempts to read Wonkette or any of our sister academic sites that cover housing and urban development issues are all blocked. IT'S AN OUTRAGE.

Instead of somberly enjoying America's precious freedoms as you are doing right now at this second, HUD workers trying to visit Wonkette see "a blank screen with an address line that listed Wonkette and a bunch of garbage then words to the effect HUD access denied." Please go to this page and e-mail each of these people about the problem so we can quickly get it resolved to better serve you.

HUD is already at the center of a massive mortgage-fraud housing-bubble scandal that will most likely cause the economic collapse and physical destruction of the United States. And now their Soviet Totalitarian ways are crushing our precious freedom to look at websites.


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