Huffington Post Girl Reporter: Michele Bachmann Is A-OK, Except For Ugly Shoes


Important AOL spam site "The Huffington Post" has a Fashion Reporter! She likes to report on girly things like fashion. But sometimes when you let ladies post things on the Internet without a professional man checking them first, the Fashion Reporter might tackle a political subject, like this:

On camera, Michele Bachmann embodies the sort of power polish that America expects from its top-tier politicians. For women, there's an especially high bar -- with a sweet spot somewhere between Sarah Palin's up-market, foxy fashion and Hillary Clinton's bold, corporate uniforms.

During the past few months, Bachmann's handlers have zeroed in on a look that seems to appeal to a wide swath of Republican voters. The Iowa Straw Poll winner's appearance is carefully crafted with soft color palettes, a great blow-out, and enough flawless makeup to ensure she's camera-ready at all times. Or so it seems. According to a recent New Yorker profile, one of the rules for news photographers who travel with Bachmann is that they never photograph her in casual clothing.

But all these calculations leave one big unanswered question: How is it that a public figure receiving this much strategic advice still wears such unflattering shoes?

This is so fucking shallow and insipid and awful that America's women are probably going to lose the vote altogether, out of shame. Well done, Fashion Reporter. [Huffington Post via everybody]


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