huffingtonlogo.gifWhen Mike McCurry posted his "Telecommunication companies have paid me to tell you that they should own the internets" thing, everyone else on HuffPo just got mad and wrote mean things about him, they didn't demand that he take it outside. That's why we like Cenk Uygur.

See, Michael Smerconish (and we don't actually know who he is, but he blogs on HuffPo, so he's a CELEBRITY) repeatedly called everyone in America a "sissy" in a HuffPost for not killing Zacarias Moussaoui. Uygur objected to this, and, reasonably, responded by calling Smerconish a "pussy" and challenging him to a fight. Like, a real fight.

Violence is seldom the answer. But it is in this case. An organized, controlled, consensual beat down. You agree to fight me, and I agree to crush you. Of course, I don't want anyone getting the wrong message. I am not advocating vigilante justice against idiotic conservative talk show hosts. I don't want anyone else to kick Smerconish's ass. Just me.

Yes! Liberals be violent! There is hope for the party! Also, does this mean all the HuffPo bloggers will start fighting each other? We'd like to see Deepak Chopra and Peter Daou arm-wrestle. We think Chopra could probably win just with the power of his mind. But Daou would win the real way, with actual arms. Also, Rachel Sklar/Jay Rosen staring contest! It's on!

The Final Word on Moussaoui [HuffPo]

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