High on our list of people we could do without is Pamela Geller, who unlike many popular figures on the extreme right really seems to believe her own hateful, attention-seeking nonsense. Likethis marvel (do not click), in which she masterfully (that's a synonym for awkwardly, right?) links Tom Perez, the Dread Hitler Obama's nominee for Labor Secretary, to the DOJ "witch hunt" against George Zimmerman AND creeping Sharia AND the New Black Panthers! Obviously, he did Benghazi too.

What is up, Miss Geller?

Obama and his SS are on the war path. It. is. unbelievable. I am sure they are looking to enact legislation that mirrors the German Weapons Act (gun control, Third Reich) in concert with the lynching of George Zimmerman.

Hahaha oh she's serious. Frown, then. Also drink. Also German Weapons Act? Did that one today, also too.

But we detect a missed opportunity here for Geller. Perez -- sounds kinda Mexican't don't it? He's probably the one who did all the Fast And Furious too, and now we are giving him amnesty? And we are just asking, but is there any way this Perez can prove he did not use the IRS to murder all white people for their freedom? It would be irresponsible not to insinuate!

Actually this Pamela Geller post improved our view of Tom Perez, because apparently Muslims like him for

all his actions on behalf of Muslims, including a suit against the city of Lilburn, Georgia for resisting the expansion of a mosque and amicus participation calling for dismissal of a suit brought by Murfreesboro, Tennessee patriots against an Islamic supremacist mosque there.

Wait, that's weird, because she also wrote of Perez: "He refused to commit to the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution that it would never advance a law criminalizing the right to criticize any religion." Which would seem to be a critique that relies on the First Amendment, but the First Amendment, uh doesn't it also say stuff about free exercise of something? Yeah, free exercise! Down with gym memberships!

[Atlasshrugs2000.typepad.com do not click via Little Green Footballs ok to click]


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