'Human Rights' Canceled In D.C. Shopping Mall Ruled By Sharia Law

SHARIA ALERT, THREE SIRENS.Coming to D.C.: "Qatari" Muslim supremacists are building a giant super-mosque "shopping center" (whatever the hell "Qatari" is, probably the name of bin Laden's favorite sock brand), and it will suck dimwitted consumers into its shops and brainwash them with lessons on how to be oppressed. Oh, whatever. Maybe they will be taught how to read? The shopping center, being built near the White House, is partly financed by Qatari investors who don't want to rent space to banks, since Sharia rules prohibit banks that impose crippling interest levels on every human alive, which is terrible and un-American. The investors also want to skip out on establishments that sell liquor without food. If you are Pamela Geller, this is what is known as "a violation of human rights."

Alex Pareene over at Salon wondered last week why none of the wingnuts were having a hissy fit yet. This was enough to make wingnuts ask themselves, oh yeah, why aren't we having a fit yet?

Hysterical nut Pamela Geller to the rescue:

This is the jizya (the poll tax imposed by Islamic supremacists on non-Muslims). City lands and tax abatements used to prohibit bars, liquor and infidel banks? And this hasn't created a firestorm?

Imposing religious restrictions on public property violates DC's Human Rights Act. Not to mention violation of the separation of church mosque and state (though under Islam, mosque is state).

Oooooh, the "jizya." That sounds like a pretty dirty way of getting back at the infidels. They will "jizya" all over American consumers, before making them eat food with their alcohol. HUMAN RIGHTS ARE OVER. [Salon/ Atlas Shrugs]


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