Human Rights Legislation for Rat-Brained Robot Soldiers, NOW!

Do androids dream of plain old sheep? - WonketteWhile god-crazy American politicians are taking two weeks off to get drunk and IM young boys, our atheistic friends in Britain are looking towards the Future -- a future of rat-brained self-aware robotic service workers and soldiers who will likely organize and demand "human" rights by 2056.

The U.K. government's Delta Scan and Sigma Scan projects are advising lawmakers on the kinds of policies that will be necessary over the next five decades. One of the major benefits of that era, if anyone is still alive by then, will be the wonderful robot slaves that will do all our domestic chores by day and be ceaselessly raped by humans at night. "A research paper commissioned by the UK Government has suggested that robots may be self aware and be demanding equal rights by 2056," reports Tech.Blorge.

In Washington, there is not much knowledge of science -- not even the fact that robots already do much of our fighting against people at home and abroad, and that robots build the nice automobiles for us so we don't have to buy Detroit crap -- but the 110th Congress will surely introduce some legislation barring same-sex robot marriage.

UK Govt study: equal rights for robots and much more [TECH.BLORGE]


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