Hundred-Million-Dollar Punch Line

  • How do we know this Jane Harman story has legs? The New York Times is reporting on it now, one whole day after the news broke on Congressional Quarterly's blog. [New York Times]
  • Banks are just sittin' on their TARP money instead of lending it out to the taxpayers who coughed up the cash in the first place. [ABC News]
  • The accused "Craigslist Killer," a man arrested for killing a masseuse at a fancy Boston hotel, is a BU student with a devoted fiancee. [AP]
  • Everybody is laughing at President Obama's request to his cabinet to find $100 million whole dollars in spending cuts in the budget. [US News and World Report]
  • The Iranian President's speech at the UN racism conference could have been even more objectionable if he hadn't extemporaneously omitted a Holocaust-denial remark from his prepared text, so just be thankful. [AP]
  • Miss California totally could have become Miss USA if Perez Hilton hadn't asked her that question about gay marriage. [Newsday]

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