'Hurricane' Bill Peters Out

  • Chechnya, remember this place? It's back in the news, again, with more bombings and separatist strife. [BBC News]
  • Hurricane Bill has been downgraded to a Category 3 and may only be a Category 1 by the time it makes landfall in Canada, which means this weather event "doesn't count." [CNN]
  • Nobody thinks much of Senator Ted Kennedy's proposal that the Massachusetts governor appoint an interim successor to fill the gap between a senator's retirement and a special election for a replacement. And this is why healthcare reform will fail this time. [Boston Globe]
  • Sorry, college students -- classes will not be cancelled due to swine flu. [HealthDay News]
  • Two suspects have been nabbed in connection with the famous massive British jewelry heist which was made possible with elaborate wigs and latex makeup. [Times Online]
  • The CIA used trusty contractor Blackwater to hunt for, and maybe kill, top Al Qaeda leaders. Outsourcing! [CNN]

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