Hurricane Hump Day

  • Trouble in the mortgage market is now translating to higher interest rates. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama wouldn't just be a post-racial, post-partisan president; he would also be a post-Iraq president, as illustrated by his emphasis on Afghanistan and Pakistan in his visit abroad this week. [Washington Post]
  • Barack talked with Barak, in Israel. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Former House majority leader Tom DeLay, accused of all sorts of crimes, will not seek a pardon from President Bush. [The Hill]
  • John McCain got money from an Oregon venture capitalist named Craig Berkman even though Berkman stole $5 million from his investment partners. [Washington Post]
  • People short on cash are skipping preventive care, which translates to higher bills in the end. Many, many depressing anecdotes in this story. [Wall Street Journal]

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