'I ... Am ... Enjoying ... My ... iPod'

I ... am ... gettin' ... jiggy ... wid ... itCheck out the iTunes store's front page and you'll see something sure to bring a thrill to music lovers everywhere.

That's right, Al Gore and Melissa Etheridge have finally teamed up to make an iTunes playlist! Take that, bunch of dead Beatles!

Enjoy the ex-veep's mini-reviews -- painstakingly re-typed because we can't figure out how to cut-and-paste from the damned iTunes -- after the jump. And just try to read them without hearing Gore's voice droning deep within your skull.

Al Gore's Playlist

I Need to Wake Up (From "An Inconvenient Truth") There are many of Melissa Etheridge's songs I could choose to be a part of my list but this one is especially meaningful to me because she wrote it right after seeing Davis Guggenheim's first cut of An Inconvenient Truth. I am so grateful for the passion and "truth force" [WTF? -Ed.] that she poured into the song and music video.

Gone Going I love this music and the feeling this song gives me, and I love the message about materialism. I also love the fact that the Black Eyed Peas wrote such a great song and wrapped it around a hook that comes from Jack Johnson, who is one of my all time favorite songwriters and singers. Johnson's gift with poetry has inspired Black Eyed Peas to echo in this song the message of his original song "Gone."

This Land Is Mine Tipper introduced me to this song from Dido's second album, which brought confirmation of the sparkling talent she displayed on her first album, with songs like "Here With Me" and "Thank You." For some reason -- maybe because it wasn't on iTunes right away -- this song hasn't yet gotten the audience it deserves. But now it IS on iTunes. See if you like it as much as I do.

OK, that's as much as we can take.

And sweet jeebus, what a surprise ... Gore likes some song about his own freakin' movie.

Just picture Gore as Jack Black's character in "High Fidelity" ... and the horrific record-shop murder that would serve as the film's grim final act.

Oh, and you can download his 2004 DNC speech for free. We're talking about 14 minutes of Al Gore reading a speech! So go ahead and download it onto your co-workers' computers. (It's free, after all!) Then just sit back and imagine how an otherwise fun part of their lives -- a party, a road trip, a morning jog, having sex, whatever -- will be ruined when Gore's '04 speech pops up on shuffle.

Celebrity Playlists [iTunes]


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