'I am Kenneth Gladney. You are Kenneth Gladney. Remember, we all are Kenneth Gladney.'


We literally received this e-mail in our tips box a few minutes ago, and maybe it's a joke (?), but for now we'll just assume that Kenneth Gladney is the biggest whore in history. Like 100 times more whorish than Joe the Plumber and the world's entire collection of actual street-walking prostitutes combined.

St. Louis, Missouri August 12, 2009 -- Kenneth Gladney thanks everyone for their outpouring of support and well wishes. After he recovers from his injuries, Kenneth plans to travel across the country to promote Project Liberty, a new educational program designed to teach America's youth about their fundamental rights under the Constitution.

Kenneth will inform young people about his experiences on the fateful night of August 6, 2009 at Rep. Russ Carnahan's town hall meeting in South St. Louis and how it changed his perspectives on individual liberties in today's society. Along with Kenneth, Constitutional law experts will explain the Bill of Rights to students in an interactive format that is both entertaining and educational.

To Kenneth, Project Liberty is not about Left versus Right nor Democrats versus Republicans. This cause is about personal liberties and freedom of speech.

"Project Liberty will sweep across this great nation to unite people for the common cause of protecting our individual liberties," said Kenneth.

Kenneth wants to make it clear that Project Liberty is not funded by any special interest group or political party. Kenneth vows never to accept funds from any of these sources. Project Liberty is "people-powered." As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there are costs associated with this. If you would like to help defray these costs in this fight for liberty, stand up with Kenneth and donate today. Please visit Kenneth's website at www.iamkennethgladney.com

I am Kenneth Gladney. You are Kenneth Gladney. Remember, we all are Kenneth Gladney.


David Brown, Attorney

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Amazing. There's a PayPal link on the bottom of his (lawyer's) very exciting website, too.

Must send to Obama...

[I Am Kenneth Gladney]


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