I Am Mad About A Thing: A Sneak Preview

[Content Note: Welcome to the inaugural post of my new series, I Am Mad About A Thing, in which, as the most astute of readers may have surmised, I string words together to express to you, in ways that hopefully will entertain and delight you, and if not, well, go fuck yourself, I wasn't talking to you anyway, that I Am Mad About A ThingTM. I am not even supposed to start being Mad About A Thing until I return from my vacation, but I am so Mad About A Thing that I have interrupted my vacation to be Mad About A Thing, so my second column will probably be about how mad I am about that time I interrupted my vacation to be Mad About A Thing.]

Ugh. Ewww. Arggh. Grrrr. Other onomatopoeic expressions of disgust because I Am Mad About A Thing, and it is this thing I read by Very Serious Feminist Melissa McEwan, who is a Very Serious Feminist who writes Very Serious Things about Feminism.

It starts like this:

Content Note: Policing; emotional auditing; projection; heterocentrism; disablist language; misogyny.

I don't know about you, but I am already sooooooooo ready to be sooooooooo Mad About A Thing, and I don't even know what the thing is yet! Let us brace ourselves for the -ists and -isms ahead:

This "Frisky Rant" in which the writer, Sara Benincasa, splutters bile at women who brag about their husbands on Facebook, is one of the most strangely hostile things I've read in awhile.

Wait, Sara Benincasa? Our Sara Benincasa? The delightfully delicious new editor of this here blog, who is funny and fun, is somehow guilty of writing what McEwan labels "so the worst thing you're going to read all day," and it is this funny and fun post called Please Stop Bragging About Your Husband On Facebook?

Oh, I Am Mad About A Thing, all right.



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