I Am Sorry We Used To Send You Death Threats, Former MTV VJ Adam Curry


look at this richard marx motherfucker

You all hear about this dumb idiot 14-year-old Dutch girl who has been arrested for tweeting funny bomb threats to American Airlines? First she was all racist, like, "I am Ibrahim and I love Al Qaeda and also bombing shit," and then she thought she could "block" the FBI on Twitter. Oh man, what a dumb idiot!

aa tweet

But was she joking, and was it simultaneously her friend not her? Sure, why not.

aa tweet 2

Sarah, keep it together! Or at least "block" the FBI from following you on Twitter.

fbi tweet

Whew, that should do it. OK, good job everyone!

Oh yeah, and now Sarah has been arrested by Rotterdam police after she and a family member moseyed on down to be like IT WAS ME SORRY SO SORRY OH RIGHT ALSO IT WASN'T ME IT WAS MY FRIEND.

So the Dutch police are interviewing her, and will doubtless just scare her real good and she will leave a chastened and wiser girl, and they will not even send her to Gitmo probably, even though she like totes deserves it.

But while we can all recognize that that girl is a Dumb Idiot, well, did you happen to notice the headline up there?


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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