I Believe the Children Are Our Future. . . and I'm Worried

actual caption reads Emma Gomis left and Alex Eason, both 15, celebrate after hearing that Boulder High School's administration will let them spend the night in the school library to protest the direction the country is goingYou can always count on the kids to move the revolution along. Eighty-five high school students Boulder, Co., have "camped out in the school library after classes Thursday, saying they wouldn't leave until Republican Party representatives pay them a visit." Punk rock! In your face! Way to stick it to The Man! Of course, "Many participants brought sleeping bags and enough food to last through the weekend." Also, "the principal OK'd their request to peacefully protest overnight." We had a rougher time and faced more static from authorities at Lollapolooza, and the Red Sox rioters had more at stake. This is really more like a slumber party. When Republican governor Bill Owens comes by, they're going to wait til he falls asleep and put his hand warm water. Take that for supporting the Iraq invasion!

Oh, but don't let the pussiness of their protest undermine your respect for their subversive objective. Senior Brian Martens, "wearing'70s-style sunglasses and a hand-lettered T-shirt proclaiming him the 'senior executive of the subcommittee on protesting stuff'" (What, no trucker hat?), told a reporter, "We want them to reassure us that our fears are misguided and that the government is doing everything in its power to prevent our futures from being destroyed." Yeah! Reassure us! Or else we'll. . . we'll. . . not return these library books on time. Oooh! Even worse! We'll not believe the government has our best interests at heart! You wouldn't us to not trust the government, would you?

Boulder students stage protest [Daily Camera]


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