The New Republic's Elspeth "That Girl Who Doesn't Shave Her Pits" Reeve loves Ann Coulter for her [s]ass:

I love her outsized confidence, rare in females who've gone through puberty, which means she doesn't turn into a pile of stuttering mush when an interview turns to her body. I love the way her face flickers devilishly for just a second when an interviewer wraps his own noose...


Image courtesy Associated Press

See that devilish flicker? Bet she's about to give those envirohomos what for!

Reeve also appreciates how Coulter's oh-no-she-di'int sensibility is so different from the rest of Washington,

"[W]here always-waiting-to-talk types need to be bitch slapped out of their robotic-pundit routines, and where political conversations often pivot back to appearances."

Of course political conversations out here hinge on appearances: Physical attractiveness is the best barometer of personal credibility.


Obviously the very soul of integrity!

In any case, we need confirmation here, people: Does Elspeth Reeve shave her pits or doesn't she?

A Defense of Ann Coulter [TNR via FishbowlDC]


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