I Can Finally Get Back to Watching the Tony Danza Show

Wonkette says goodbye to our right-wing man today. Apparently, he's trying to get a "job," and the princely salary of $12 per post would force him to rely on that welfare state that doesn't exist so much anymore. He writes:

I have to go crawl back into my undisclosed location now. That means no more co-editing of the site for me. I promise to return at uncomfortable moments like the boyfriend who dumped you six months ago but still wants to hook up. Trust me, it�s better this way. Thanks to the boss for letting me use her site to heckle you with right wing rants this past week. Just remember, she voted to authorize these posts. It'�s her fault, I swear. -- Eric Pfeiffer
Well, he provided misleading intelligence. Cherrypicker.

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