I Love You-ou, This Old Heart ...

  • "One group of local guys took their 'rock band,' breadpig, out of the living room and into Chinatown. They set up their instruments (which, when not connected to a gaming system, don't actually emit any sound) and "played" for a building crowd. They even recruited a lead singer from the bystanders, who specialized in Isely Brothers lyrics." [DCist]
  • "Isn't that the guy on the dollar bill? What's-his-name?" [Eavesdrop DC]

  • "However, I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to get beyond the dry facts of the law and try to understand what made these criminals tick. I wanted to penetrate -- hey, no laughing in the back -- the private world of crime." [Countersignature]
  • "The deplorable state of street food in DC has been a given for so long (just how many hot dog carts DOES one square mile need?) that I almost don't know what to do with this." [Metroblogging DC]
  • "Last January, when Minnesota's Keith Ellison was about to become the first Muslim Member of Congress, Virginia Congressman Virgil Goode went off on what can only be described as an insane rant .... Well, someone better tell the Congressman to take a Xanax, because we've got another Muslim Member of Congress." [Below the Beltway]

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