huckfat.jpgObviously the best part of today's much poo-pooed New York Times Magazineprofile of Mike Huckabee was this little before and after picture. Specifically, the before part. But if these adorable fat pictures are the only reasons to like teh Huckbeez, his suggestion for secretary of Defense is the latest in a million reasons to fear him.

Please, someone, anyone -- Do not let either of these men be president!:

Huckabee has no military experience beyond commanding the Arkansas National Guard, but he doesn't see this as an insuperable problem. "What you do," he explained, "is surround yourself with the best possible advice." The only name he mentioned was Representative Duncan Hunter of California. "Duncan is extraordinarily well qualified to be secretary of Defense," he said.

Uh huh, sure, but he's also like... not... and stuff?

The Huckabee Factor [NYT Magazine]


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