I Think It's Gonna Be a Long, Long War


Deefeecult for you. Easy for me!

This seems like a poorly thought-out new tack...

The United States is engaged in what could be a generational conflict akin to the Cold War, the kind of struggle that might last decades as allies work to root out terrorists across the globe and battle extremists who want to rule the world, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said yesterday.

Rumsfeld, who laid out broad strategies for what the military and the Bush administration are now calling the "long war," likened al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden to Adolf Hitler and Vladimir Lenin while urging Americans not to give in on the battle of wills that could stretch for years. He said there is a tendency to underestimate the threats that terrorists pose to global security, and said liberty is at stake.

So. Once it's been demonstrated that people liked the Iraq war the most when they thought it was gonna be over soon, it makes brilliant political sense to promise people that, "no, sorry, we'll be fighting a bunch of stateless ne'er-do-wells with every ounce of our imperial power for, oh, the rest of your children's lives. Hey, remember how happy you were when the Cold War ended? Yeah, we didn't get the same kick out of that as you did."

But cheer up, everyone! The '80s are back! Let's all listen to New Order and do coke and go see Jake Gyllenhaal and Josh Hartnett team up to take back our country in Red Dawn 2: This Time They Have Really Long Beards!

By the way, Mr. Secretary? Stalin was the scary Cold War one. Lenin was the one who died in 1924, before America really gave that much of a shit.

(Confidential to Post copy-ed: "20-Year Plan"! Ha!)

Rumsfeld Offers Strategies for Current War [WP]


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