Ice Cream With A Side of BBQ
  • Wednesday, June 24-Sunday, July 19: Jews have a Festival of Lights. Mexicans have a festival of ice cream, or at least Rosa Mexicano does.  The restaurant is hosting a celebration of both sweet and spicy just odd ice creams as part of their "Festival de Helados." Ice cream options include salted avocado butter (?!?!) and coconut and candied lime zest, among other frightening combinations. These random food celebrations really do keep getting weirder and weirder. 

  • Wednesday, June 24- Sunday, June 28: The Smithsonian Folk Life Festival is an annual celebration of the most random and esoteric culture, food, and people on this great Earth. Last year we learned about the Kingdom of Bhutan, NASA, and ... Texas. This year we get the opportunity to learn about words, the Americas (yes, it's not just us in the North apparently) and ... Wales. This incredibly random juxtaposition of things aside, there will be soul food on sale. Enjoy BBQ, fried fish, southern style peach cobbler, and Abita beer. Who cares if the festival makes no sense, go for the food!
  • Friday, June 26: In April of 2007, Eastern Market burnt down and the city was at a loss for where to buy overpriced produce and random knickknacks. Somehow DCers have been coping for the past two years, but the despair is ending this Friday, when Eastern Market finally reopens. Two years is a long time for DCers to wait for happiness to resurface -- we lasted only days without Screen on the Green before everyone in the city had hernias and almost died -- so we're very proud of everyone's patience and very excited for the reopening.
  • Saturday, June 27-Sunday, June 25: The Safeway BBQ Festival is this weekend and we couldn't be more excited. Yes, it's ridiculous that the $10 admission ticket doesn't actually include food (BBQ is sold separately), but rather only a few small samples of meat on toothpicks. It's definitely a bad deal, but barbecue = yum, so go, eat lots of food, even if it's only in very small quantities, and avoid the Safeway sample tent, it's just not worth the line.
  • Saturday, June 27- Sunday, June 28: This weekend is the DC Caribbean Carnival, which can only mean one thing: JERK CHICKEN. The Festival kicks off on Saturday morning with a parade and continues throughout the weekend with live performances, crafts, entertainment, and mostly importantly, other delicious Caribbean fare. Admission is $10.

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