Ice Is Also Great, And Would Suffice


  • Barack Obama ate plastic turkey with the Marines, at a Marine Corps base on Oahu! [CNN]
  • No wonder he's America's most popular person and favorite president. (Obama is the only president-elect to top the polls of American popularity since Dwight "I Like Ike" Eisenhower, a half-century ago.) [USA Today]
  • A religious nut dressed as Santa Claus slaughtered eight people in the Southern California suburb of Covina, at his ex-wife's family's home. Then he set the house on fire, ran away, and killed himself. [LA Times]
  • Eartha Kitt, America's sexy lady and Santa Baby (and Catwoman!), has died at the age of 81. [Reuters]
  • An old gay Nazi dressed in Prada slippers and a golden lady's gown took this special Xmas opportunity to condemn transsexuals. [TIME]
  • The CIA is giving Viagra to the Afghan Warlords, because why not? [Washington Post]

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