Idaho Bathroom Goblin's Airport Melodrama To Drag On For At Least Another Week

The lil' American flag pin stands for 'bottom' - WonketteHooray for the slow wheels of justice! Our new (and only) favorite Minnesota judge -- Hennepin County District Court Judge Charles Porter Jr. -- won't rule on Larry Craig's request for a do-over until next week. This will never end!

As the closet-case Republican senator had sort of promised to resign at the end of the month, depending on the fate of his restroom-antics guilty plea, now the whole fate of the world is unknown. Will he stay? Will he maybe vow to resign at the end of next month? Or will our storied Idaho Bathroom Goblin simply keep producing comedy gold for the nation's political bloggers and late-night television writers?

UPDATE: Of course he's not leaving as promised by September 30. Thanks, Jesus! We really owe you on this one.

Judge Porter seems completely skeptical of Craig's lame-ass legal argument, which suggests the judge is a) not retarded and b) likely to refuse the motion to dismiss the August guilty plea for the June arrest.

The judge also seems mildy insane, according to this AP report:

Martin said Craig maintains he never intentionally touched airport police Sgt. Dave Karsnia, nor said anything to him.

"You should have either touching, or words, or a combination of the two," Martin said.

"I don't know," interjected Porter, and speculated that if he charged around the bench and ran yelling toward Martin, it would scare the attorney.

"It absolutely would," Martin said, to mild laughter.


Craig attorneys say no crime occurred [Star Tribune]

Judge: No Swift Ruling on Craig Request [AP/Guardian]


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