Idaho GOP Leader Person Doesn't Win His Ex-Girlfriend Back, Even After Throwing All Those Used Condoms On Her Lawn


Blake Hall, National Committeeman of the Idaho Republican Party, is now down one (1) National Committeemanship of the Idaho Republican Party and nineteen (19) used condoms. See, ten different times—like,on ten different days—Hall flung his lurid semen-filled condoms on his ex-girlfriend's lawn, whom he stalked and stalked and stalked for like half a year. Quoth the poor lady whose lawn was unwillingly re-purposed for the flourishing cum crop: "I was so tired of being victimized. It is unimaginable that a 56-year-old would be so deviant."

Reports the Idaho Statesman:

Also, between March and August, Hall repeatedly followed the woman to restaurants, the movies and her home, and he ignored her repeated requests that he leave her alone, according to police and court records.

The victim testified Friday that Hall once followed her to a Walmart and took her car keys and would not return them until she agreed to "hear him out" concerning her marriage, the Idaho Falls Post Register reported.

Hall and his lawyer did not even try to pretend any of this didn't happen in exactly the way she said it did, and now he is out of a job. And to top it off she did not, in fact, "hear him out," so now what's he supposed to do with all those condoms? Suppose he could always just masturbate and throw them on her lawn.

[Idaho Statesman]


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