Idaho Senatorial Candidate Legally Changes Name To 'Pro-Life'

Jesus criminy, this news makes us forget entirely about the 5-year-old Iraq War thing this morning! Because like you, we have been fearing the next Congress and its unfortunate lack of gay Idaho Senator Larry Craig. (That is, unless he changes his mind and runs for reelection, which is likely). But can Craig's seat be usurped by an equally comical legislator-monkey? No, but one candidate in the open-seat Idaho senate race shows great potential. Meet independent candidate Marvin Richardson, who has legally changed his name to "Pro-Life." Wonkette hereby endorses him for any office he ever wants.

Pro-Life is an "organic strawberry farmer" from Letha, Idaho -- the "Topeka of Gem County, Idaho." He lost the 2006 gubernatorial election and was dismayed that Idaho laws wouldn't allow him to use "Pro-Life" on the ballot, as it was only a "slogan."

The Strawberry Man knew what he had to do to stick it to these damn bureaucrats. He changed his entire name to "Pro-Life" in court, much like McLovin from that delightful sex movie Superbad. Except McLovin only had a fake ID.

Ahh, McLovin. Wait, what? Oh yes, the senatorial candidate who changed his name to Pro-Life. Well, he is insane:

Now, though, officials in the Idaho secretary of state's office say they have no choice because Pro-Life is his full and only name. He says he will run for the highest state office on the ballot every two years for the rest of his life, advocating murder charges for doctors who perform abortions and for women who obtain the procedure ...

David Ripley, executive director of Idaho Chooses Life, says he knows and respects Pro-Life but fears some voters may think Pro-Life is a position rather than a candidate and mistakenly mark their ballots both for him and for another anti-abortion candidate for the Senate, thus nullifying their choices.

Ha ha, the various potatoes that comprise the Idaho electorate probably would elect a policy stance, instead of a human, to national office. Pro-Life for Senate 2008! And 2010 and 2012 and 2014 and then he'll probably be dead!

Aspiring Pol Changes Name To Pro-Life [AP/CBS News]


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