Idaho State Senator Had 'Medical Reason' For Being Drunk, Stealing SUV


Here is an important safety tip, America: do not leave your unlocked car parked in the driveway with the keys in the ignition, because sooner or later a black-out drunk GOP senator will climb into your vehicle and drive it away. Idaho Senate Republican Caucus Chairman John McGee is that senator,currently free on bail after stealing a man's SUV in Boise and crashing it in the neighbor's yard while he had a blood alcohol level nearly twice the state limit. McGee's lawyer is telling everyone that there are good "medical explanations" for McGee's bizarre behavior, which sounds like someone describing a gambling problem as "a helpful fixation with mathematical odds analysis." 

From the AP:

McGee, 38, was arrested early Sunday after police say he took a Ford Excursion and cargo trailer from the southwest Boise home of a "complete stranger" and got it stuck in a yard just down the street. A breath test showed the four-term lawmaker's blood-alcohol content was nearly twice the legal limit, police said.

McGee made his first court appearance via video from jail. During the brief hearing, his attorney said there are "medical explanations" for McGee's actions that would negate any criminal liability in the case. He declined to elaborate.

Jesus, at least nobody got hurt. Probably we should encourage lawmakers to stick to tweeting naked pictures of their genitals, so at least they don't kill anybody in their free time. [AP]


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