This is not Scottie Nell Hughes. This is Cecily Strong playing her on SNL. So basically, it is Scottie Nell Hughes.

Did everyone see the AMAZING Tim Kaine speech, where he showed us he speaks not only fluent Spanish, but also fluent liberal and fluent badass? It was very good, and a lot of people who were "meh" about Hillary selecting him as her running mate were suddenly like "OH YEAH TIM KAINE, SAY THE SPANISHES TO MY PANTS." At least that's what we think they said.

Anyshizzle, a dumb-butt Trump-supporting pundit lady named Scottie Nell Hughes (for real, that is her name) went on the CNN to say she can't believe Kaine talked all the nasty Spanish words in his speech. How can Scottie Nell be expected to understand that kind of blah-di-blah-di-blah talk? How do you even say "boy howdy!" and "bless your heart!" en Espanol? She does not know:

Evan Hurst

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