Idiots Abroad: Palin Freak Show Tours India, Israel

Idiots Abroad: Palin Freak Show Tours India, Israel
  • Good morning, warmongers! Sunday marked eight years of Mission Accomplished in Iraq, and also the beginning of a fun new war in a different oil-rich nation, "Africa," or something. We have been refreshing our RSS feed every thirty seconds for the last two hours, searching for some cheery news -- "Barack Obama wins another Nobel Peace Prize," etc. -- but sorry, there is none! If it makes you feel any better, Sarah Palin and her husband went bra-shopping at Forever 21 during a historic visit to one of New Delhi's most fanciful strip malls. She also told India that "it is time for a woman to become president." (Why does Sarah Palin want to be president of India? Also: why is Hillary Clinton saying similar things?) Today Palin is in Jerusalem, courting the Zion Elders. Stories about oil spills and U.S. soldiers posing with murdered Afghan civilians after the jump! [The Caucus]
  • There's probably another oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico! [WSJ]

  • Here is an informative liveblog, if for some reason you want to stay updated on our latest War. [The Guardian]


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