If Osama Were Alive, He'd Be Watching Himself On TV Watch Himself On TV


This weekend, the U.S. released parts of videos found on the number of hard drives that were not used by Osama bin Laden for illegally downloaded Wes Anderson movies. The videos, such as the one above of the famewhore murderer watching himself on teevee and switching the channel when his friend Barry Hussein comes on the tiny screen (seriously, guy lived in a mansion and couldn't afford a flat screen? that's the most un-American thing of all), are meant to embarrass him. But c'mon, USA, everybody loves the blooper reel!

"[This is] just a guy who wants to be seen, who wants to be known," Wright said. "Very pathetic in a way."

He does look a bit old to be Generation Y, but maybe all that murder has kept him young at heart.

We anxiously await the Osama bin Laden sextape. You know, the one where he gets raped by a water buffalo in his ratty, mostly dead courtyard garden. Hurry up and find it, CIA, so we can set it to a Kelly Clarkson song and put it on YouTube. [ABC News]


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