If Gitmo's "Too Nice," Then Why Don't You Go Live There?

huckabeehorse.jpgMike Huckabee continued to spread his subliminal floating Christmas cheer in Iowa today by telling supporters that Guantanamo Bay is one helluva good time. Specifically, it's "too nice"! And he would know because he's been there and is now a goddamn expert. Thanks for the news, motherfuckabee! We wouldn't know, because all of the tapes have been destroyed.

According to CBS News, when asked about why Gitmo is the most horrible place on earth, Huckabee responded that in fact they done been eatsing real good-like down dere:

Mike Huckabee said he had visited the facility and said it was "disappointing" that military personnel were eating meals that averaged $1.60 while the detainees were eating Halal meals that cost over $4 each.

"The inmates there were getting a whole lot better treatment than my prisoners in Arkansas. In fact, we left saying, 'I hope our guys don't see this. They'll all want to be transferred to Guanatanmo [sic]. If anything, it's too nice."

Pseduo-unrelated, but Huckabee also bragged about his execution record:

"If someone tries to tell you that I'm soft on crime, well that would be real news to the sixteen people whose executions I carried out. They didn't think I was being real soft," Huckabee said.

Puuuuuuussy. George W. Bush when he was governor carried out 16 executions before he could clear his throat in the morning! Go join the Demrats, non-killerenougher dood.

Huckabee: Gitmo Is "Too Nice" [CBS News]


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