If It's Thursday, Two More McCain Staffers Have Quit

walnuts.gifRuss Schriefer and Stuart Stevens -- media advisers for Bush's '00 and '04 campaigns -- were supposed to be in charge of John McCain's tv ads, but Walnuts hasn't paid them. So, as the Wall Street Journal reports today, they quit!

They emailed new campaign manager Rick Davis (the old campaign manager quit, remember?) on Monday, after reading this WSJ story about how this Davis character is basically "profiteering at the campaign's expense." Davis ran the campaign's budget, and in that capacity he spent all its money on the Internet company he confounded (and "steered campaign funds to another company owned by a lobbyist-friend's client, an Indian-casino developer").

Naturally, as the man most responsible for the Walnuts campaign's money troubles (besides Walnuts himself), he was the perfect choice to run the campaign after Terry Nelson quit.

Schriefer and Stevens both decided that they'd rather have jobs where they get paid, and now, between their resignations and the campaign's debt, it's looking like McCain's plan to start running ads this fall is in a bit of trouble. In other words, New Hampshire residents will start seeing on their public access channel come Labor Day.

McCain Campain is Dealt New Blow as Media Team Resigns [W$J]


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