If North Korea Doesn't Blow Up The World, Unregulated Bankers Will

  • Republicans are scheming for a way to block Judge Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court, but find nothing hugely and obviously objectionable to hang their case on. [Los Angeles Times]
  • North Korea may further enmesh itself in the international arms trade because it doesn't really have any other way to make money. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Taliban affiliates claimed responsibility for the ghastly car bombing in Lahore that killed dozens. [New York Times]
  • Time Warner and AOL's partnership has worked out so well that now AOL is spinning off into its own publicly owned unit. [Dow Jones Newswires]
  • We need a single agency to regulate the banking industry so that the next time a crisis happens, only a single head will roll. [Washington Post]
  • A major insurer's suggestion for how to save half a trillion dollars in healthcare costs was called "wishful thinking" by a former health insurance executive. [AP]

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