'If Paris Passed Gas, You'd Have Washington'

Forget George Allen and his monkey slurs. Wonkette is endorsing his wacky mom, Henrietta Lumbroso (or "Etty Allen").

From the May 8 issue of the New Republic:

Even the elder George Allen wasn't Southern--he grew up in the Midwest--but the oddest part of the myth of George Allen's Dixie rusticity is his mother. Rather than a Southern belle, Etty was, in fact, French, and, as such, she was a deliciously indiscreet cultural libertine. She would do housework in her bra and panties. She wore muumuus and wraparound sunglasses and once won a belly button contest.

According to Jennifer, "Mom prided herself for being un-American. ... She was ashamed that she had given up her French citizenship to become a citizen of a country she deemed infantile." When her husband later moved the family to Virginia, Etty despised living in the state. She was also anti-Washington before her son ever was, albeit in a slightly more continental fashion.

"Washingtonians think their town resembles Paris," she once scoffed. "If Paris passed gas, you'd have Washington."

NOTE: We are unsure if the mysterious Mrs. Allen is currently alive. She was in 2004, at least!

George Allen's race problem [TNR]


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