If The $700 Billion-But-Somehow-Still-Tawdry Shoe Fits

If The $700 Billion-But-Somehow-Still-Tawdry Shoe Fits

  • Bitter Mike Huckabee thinks that Palin was selected over him as McCain's doomed vice president girlfriend because she "looks better in stilettos." [New Yorker]
  • Looks like the impossibly named Saxby Chambliss is only two points ahead of Jim Martin. [HuffPost]
  • Sloppily conceived parody Ted Haggard is back! And it feels so good to be mounting the pulpit again. [Yahoo News]
  • Noted racist Virgil Goode has officially lost to Tom Periello in Virginia. Goode is now seeking a recount. [Daily Kos]
  • The NSA listened in on Tony Blair's British phone calls to the former President of Iraq, all of which were conducted here. [TPMMuckraker]
  • BONUS LINK: Here is Wonkette Associate Editor Sara K. Smith -- sans "K" -- discussing last week's news of the good, bad and nonexistent varieties. [Weekend America]

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