If You Dislike How Other People Can Just Go Ahead And Get Abortions, You Will Love The New Health Care Bill!


  • If you were hoping to buy or rent a bunch of abortions and charge them care of whatever new health care bill ends up passing, this will not be possible! [New York Times]
  • China is very upset with the Dalai Lama for going to some Himalayan town that is not technically a part of China but is so close it's probably at least entertaining the notion. [Washington Post]
  • It's probable that Nidal Malik Hasan acted alone at Ft. Hood. Oh plus President Barack Obama, but other than that, alone, yes. [Wall Street Journal]
  • So guess now's as good a time as any to take a look at mental health policy and practices in the military. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Even though Tony Blair will never admit it, he still wants to be the president of the EU. [Times Online]
  • Hurricane Ida is the first hurricane to hit America this year. It struck parts of Mississippi, Florida, and New Orleans. All three still exist.  [AP]

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