If You Don't Like the Rules, Change Them

When we heard that the president would be pardoning a turkey today, we thought, "Isn't he jumping the gun? Tom Delay isn't even indicted yet." Of course, it looks like Republicans in congress are also jumping the gun, attempting to change House rules so that Delay can continue to serve even if he is indicted. Some people are upset about this. "Naked hypocrisy, opportunism, corruption at the highest levels, blah blah blah." We don't understand what the problem is. In fact, we think he should be able to serve from prison. Works for drug lords, right?

Then again, he's going to learn that The Hammer has a whole new meaning in the joint. Yup, we'll see who the majority whip is there! They'll sure redistrict his ass. Ha! Ha! Get it? We're saying he's going to be raped in prison! Ha!

Nothing like a good prison rape joke to brighten our morning.

House Republicans move to protect DeLay [WT]

President Pardons "Biscuits and Gravy" in Annual Turkey Ceremony [WhiteHouse.gov]


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